Thank you

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported ET6. We think the event was a great success. We had a massive turnout, lots of great people, amazing sponsor and vendor support.

Our volunteers worked amazingly hard and did a terrific job keeping such a massive crowd flowing smoothly. We can’t thank them enough for all the long hours before during and after the event.

The show has grown to a scale that we find it difficult to staff and manage. It took us over an entire week of full days just to setup this year. Some of our volunteers took vacation from their jobs just to help with the show. Which is amazing, but also concerning.

We also had a significant issue with the venue this year. It seems Jet Blue Park has decided to allow the once beautiful field deteriorate into an eventual dirt field. We lost a significant amount of the venue on Monday before the event this year. This made for lots of rework and ultimately a lower quality ET6 than we had hoped.

Primarily due to the venue and staffing issues, we have decided not to schedule a future event at this time. We will be looking for new venues and also considering new event models that would reduce the impact on volunteers. We will make an announcement if we decide we have found a working model and a new location for a future event, but until then please remember to be kind to one another and support the community.

Thank you,

Paul Barney

Creative design from the South

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