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Euro Tripper 4 is here!

Thank you to all that supported our first three events.  Euro Tripper 4 will build on the success with even more fun and improvements.

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What is EuroTripper?

  1. Charity event  (we are a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation)
  2. Euros, Euros, Euros.  Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled!
  3. Relaxed, chill event, more focus on socializing and less focused on winning (However we do have some awards).
  4. Building the Euro Community in our area including local vendors.
Past Events:
  • Euro Tripper 1 – February 2nd, 2013,  Germain Arena, Estero, FL
  • Euro Tripper 2- February 7th & 8th, 2014, Germain Arena, Estero, FL
  • Euro Tripper 3 – February 7th, 2015, Jet Blue Park, Fort Myers, FL

Didn’t make Euro Tripper 1, 2, or 3?

Check our PRESS page to see photos and coverage.

See our FAQ for additional help=>Euro Tripper  Frequently Asked Questions




All Euro Cars  need a ticket.  Spectators do not need tickets.



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A special thank you to CCW Wheels for help with our custom trophies!

We are excited to announce a new award format for ET4.  Those that are interested in a competing should apply for our ‘Mutts Nuts’ section*.   Cars that are selected for the Mutts Nuts section will be parked in a dedicated area within the event.  This area will the main, but not the only, section our staff will focus on for selecting our Top 30 of the day.  These cars will get a special Mutts Nuts decal on their car during the event.  They will later be called onto our stage during the awards presentation and be given a custom made thank you trophy.

As well as other awards for Best Air, Best Static, Best Club, Best Wrap, Best Motor, and others!


FYI-Mutts Nuts is an expression in the UK used to describe something as awesome.


Love Bicycles?

Back from Euro Tripper 3, we are bringing back all kinds of bikes to the event.  At the event we will have:

  • BMX Trickstars Display Team performing throughout the day (ramps and flatland)
  • Bike Display section, where you can show off your tricked out bike(Fixies, Road, BMX, etc.)
  • Possibly bike focused vendors and other items of interest to bike enthusiasts

Bring your bike to the event and show it off!!




Tour Series

Euro Tripper Tour Series

Beginning with ET4, we are excited to introduce Euro Tripper Tour Series.  The idea behind the Tour Series, is pay a bit of dedication to the very best regional Dub scenes in Europe.  We feel like these regions offer the very best events, cars, enthusiasts and vendors as well.   If you ever feel like seeing truly complete and detailed vehicles, take a trip to Europe and check out an event.  That is exactly what we have been doing, and we were so inspired, we wanted to both pay tribute, but also try to bring some of that to our event.

Starting off the Tour Series, ET4 will be dedicated to the UK.  We have been attending and working with the promoters, vendors, and enthusiasts from events like Players Classic, Early Edition, Edition 38, and Players this year.  We are honored that Players and Edition 38 agreed to partner with us for ET4.  We are also working with premiere UK vendors like KleenFreaks, Wheel Whores, and of course Performance Volkswagen (PVW).

How does this benefit Euro Tripper fans?  We have taken detailed notes from these events on how they organize their events.  As such, we have made some changes to ET4.  We are also partnering with them to bring some unique awards to our event.  And of course the partnership with PVW means a chance for our fans to see themselves in print!

ET5 will be dedicated to another amazing region in Europe.  Possibly France, Holland or Belgium.  Stay tuned for updates after ET4.




Please contact us for more information. Already confirmed Vendors for ET4 are:









Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue is a local non-profit agency that will be on site during Euro Tripper 4.   Please plan on stopping by their booth and visiting  the animals they have available for adoption.

You can also support them by bringing the following donations:

  • Dry Cat Litter
  • Dry pet foods
  • Chew toys
  • Blankets
  • Leashes and Collars
  • Cash donations (tax deductible)


**Euro Tripper Promotions is a non profit corporation registered with the state of Florida and has Federal  501(c)(3) status**






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